King of the Hill

(Personally, I would shy away from pep talks like this that introduce negative thoughts right before a game. I prefer to only introduce positive thoughts, passion and energy before a contest. But, I’ve added it to the site because some prefer this style.)

King of the HillPre Game Speeches .com - King of the Hill Speech

Everything is going great.
We can’t be stopped.
We are heavily favored to win tonight.
Our winning tradition is infamous.
Our record speaks for itself.
We are in a league of our own.
We can’t lose.
It just can’t happen.
Not a chance.

What if...

What if something goes terribly wrong?
What if someone gets hurt?
What if everyone plays their worst game ever?
What if we loose our focus?
What if the opponent takes it to us?
What if the unspeakable happens?
What if we defeat ourselves?
What if we loose?

Do not let that happen!

Execute on every play!
Play your best game ever!
Stay focused on every play!
Do not let adversity weaken you!
Stay ahead of the opponent!
Just as you have done countless times before!
Stay focused on your goals!
Dedicate yourself to finishing the game!
Dedicate yourself to victory once again!

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