Visualize the Game

(Visualization is a whole science in itself. There are many studies into the effectiveness of athletes visualizing their performances. Many coaches and programs believe in this and utilize it to enhance their athletes. Do some research on visualization and become more familiar with it.)

(This speech can be spread over the entire week leading up to the game or/and it can be used for an entire season! You can start it off by explaining visualization to the players, give them informational papers on the topic and give them good examples to follow throughout the week. If it works, keep it going the rest of the season.)

Visualize the Game
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You have spent the past few days visualizing your performance in tonight's game. You have conditioned your mind and your body to successfully execute our plays. You have seen yourself out-play your opponent time and time again. And in the end, you have visualized our team defeating tonight's opponent.

Now, for the next few minutes I want you to visualize the next hour of tonight's game. Close your eyes, relax yourself, slow your breathing, and picture yourselves leaving this locker room. You are fired up, you are walking down the tunnel, into the stadium and the crowd responds loudly to your entrance. You take a look around, absorbing what you see, what you hear, what you smell and you allow all of it to energize you! You take it in as if it is liquid energy. Your adrenaline starts pumping.

The announcer acknowledges your presence and you run onto the field. The crowd responds to your presence with a thunderous roar- their team has arrived! You are pumped! You get in your teammate's faces and you let them know how ready you are! The stage is set and it is time to perform!

The referees do the coin toss and we line up for the opening kickoff. You are lined up across from your opponent and you know what you need to do to succeed on this kickoff. The whistle blows, the ball is kicked and you fly into action. You sprint to your designated area and you eliminate your opponent from the play. You removed any possibility of him succeeding on this play. He doesn’t stand a chance. He never knew what hit him. He is in awe of you and your execution. When the whistle blows, you reach down and offer a hand to lift your adversary from the carpet. You smile, pat him on the back, and return to your huddle to do it again and again. He looks at you as if you’ve lost your mind. He starts to doubt his ability to stop you. He begins to question his desire to compete against you. He is weakened. You have won and the game has only just begun! Visualize It!

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