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When the game is on-the-line, Coaches - You Need to Inspire with a Passionate Pre Game Speech!!


Series 2 Speeches

Inspire and Motivate Your Team to Victory! Push Your Athletes to Their Best Performance! Be the first coach in your area to receive the Series 2 Speeches! This dynamic set of 8 inspiring speeches includes the following:
- Encouragement and Support - Heart Passion and Purpose - Wasting Your Talents - What Is Stopping You? - They had Better Go Get Their Armor! - Winning is Important - Good Sportsmanship - We Will Win!
 We are including 2 FREE BONUSES with the series! FIRST, you get the "Everyone Must Play" poem, a satirical take on the rose-colored-glasses-wearing-parents who think you should play your best players AND their kid! SECOND, you'll receive a collection of 20 "ready-to-print" posters of famous sports quotes. Print them out and hang them in your locker room to motivate your players. NOTE: THIS PRODUCT IS AN EBOOK (ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT THAT YOU DOWNLOAD) and IT IS IN ENGLISH ONLY! SERIES 2: You Get All This for ONLY $15.99 !! (that's less than $2 per speech)
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Here's a small sample of what's included...


"Heart, passion and purpose make the difference between a good player and a great player."


"When you fear failure, when you yield to your opponent, when you let history dictate, when you let a distraction overtake you- you are creating limits in your mind."


"They had better go and get their armor because

they are in for a fight tonight!"


"Win for the right reasons and follow the rules of the game!"


"Good sportsmanship results from having respect for everyone and everything around you."