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When the game is on-the-line, Coaches - You Need to Inspire with a Passionate Pre Game Speech!!


Series 3 Speeches

Inspire and Motivate Your Team to Victory! Push Your Athletes to Their Best Performance! Be the first coach in your area to receive the Series 3 Speeches! This dynamic set of 8 inspiring speeches includes the following:
-Be A Hero -Honor the Game -Remove the Pressure -What is a Winner? -Your Time is Now -Be Positive -Starters in Waiting -Turn the Tide
 We are including 2 FREE BONUSES with the series! FIRST, you get the "Everyone Must Play" poem, a satirical take on the rose-colored-glasses-wearing-parents who think you should play your best players AND their kid! SECOND, you'll receive a collection of 20 "ready-to-print" posters of famous sports quotes. Print them out and hang them in your locker room to motivate your players. NOTE: THIS PRODUCT IS AN EBOOK (ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT THAT YOU DOWNLOAD) and IT IS IN ENGLISH ONLY! SERIES 3: You Get All This for ONLY $15.99 !! (that's less than $2 per speech)
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Here's a small sample of what's included...


"Heroes are admired for their courage, good qualities and their successes."


"The game will remember you and your performance tonight."


"As 'Starters in Waiting' you must be ready, for your time WILL come."


"What you seek, what you desire, what you focus on - you will create."


"Tonight, make the effort, make the commitment, make the sacrifices and become the player that you have always wanted to be."